Siquijor has become one of the best diving destinations in the Philippines, a haven for divers. The dive sites are filled with healthy corals seemingly made for underwater photography, Siquijor is a macro-lover's dream with walls full of coral. Here, divers can explore leather corals, soft corals, hard corals, fans, sponges and hydroids. This bountiful reef plays home to giant frogfish, cuttlefish, Spanish dancers, ornate ghost pipefish, nudibranches, shrimps and more. If that isn't enough to sell you on a dive in Siquijor, larger schools of fish and pelagic species can also be seen. Fusiliers, mackerels, lionfish and glassfish are common. Schools of barracuda, blue-spotted rays, turtles and eagle rays might also be spotted on deeper dives. Adventure seekers will also enjoy the island`s world-class night diving opportunities. With dives to suit every level and plentiful above the water activities, Siquijor is the perfect choice for a Filipino dive vacation.

Sea Pearl Divers makes diving safe and fun. With branded new equipment and the shop located in the center of San Juan, we are ready to take you out diving or snorkeling. We use a Speed boat or go by car to reach the dive-sites around the island. Meet our instructors and dive masters who take you out diving or will teach you to become a diver. Diving in Siquijor is possible all around the year. Many dive sites can be reached via shore entry. Great wall diving makes Siquijor slowly famous, swim along with turtles or simply enjoy the healthy coral gardens. The coastline is mostly white sand beaches, the reefs are in pristine condition with many big coral and lots of fish. From macro to big fish, Siquijor have it all... The marine life in around Siquijor has everything to offer and this is what makes the Philippine Islands famous. Siquijor was declared a marine reserve in 1978. Diving in Siquijor is sure to create vibrant memories of dive experiences that will forever be impossible to replicate.

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Diving Rates (Same day)

1 Dive
1600 peso
2 Dives
3000 peso
3 Dives
4200 peso
Dive Packages
4 - 6 dives
1350 peso per dive
7 - 9 dives
1300 peso per dive
10+ dives
1250 peso per dive

All Prices are incl. equipment, boat, transport and diving fee's

Open water
19500 peso
17500 peso
21000 peso
7500 peso
Dive Master
45000 peso
Scuba review
3000 peso
Discover Dive
2900 peso

All Prices are incl. equipment, boat, transport and diving fee's






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Siquijor Island, Philippines

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